Stop Smoking

How best to approach

For Your Family.  For Your Finances.  For You. 

We all know that smoking is a mug’s game.  The only people who benefit from smoking are the tobacco companies.  There is no need to dwell on the negative effects of smoking on health, because we all know what they are.

Smokers often perceive benefits from smoking (relaxing, me time, social etc), but the reality is smoking is a trap.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be free?

Studies show that hypnotherapy is proven to be up to fifteen times more effective at helping people break the habit than will power alone and three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy (University of Iowa, Journal of Applied Psychology, How One in Five Give Up Smoking. October 1992. New Scientist, October 10, 1992.)

Imagine what life would be like without cigarettes.  Imagine not having the constant craving for nicotine.  Imagine breathing again.

If you want to stop, Follow Your Freedom can help.  I use the very latest hypnotherapy techniques to support you in your mission to become smoke free..

The Stop Smoking Session takes 90 minutes and costs £200.  Most people stop with just one session, however, if you smoke even one cigarette within twelve months, you can have a follow up session FREE!  Bearing in mind the average annual cost of a twenty a day smoking habit is £3,500, this could be the best £200 you ever spent.